She stood there frozen before the bright lights.
This could be a way to end
the agonizing pain that cries out
from every fiber of her being.

Too late, fresh memories of an open wound
flashes through her mind causing
the body to react
before the torment could end.

In the night, the sweltering heat
suffocates all, lost in it’s heavy web.
She scurries off into the dark
searching for the peace she cannot find.

Madness is quieted by the screams echoing inside
with only the flickering neon lights
keeping it in check.
Is there peace in this dreadful existence?

Red panic rages through like a hot flash,
Everyone . . . . is
watching, pointing, laughing.
Running away is the only option.

Mangled instincts tear through the haze,
as reality reveals it’s ugly head.
The pain is temporarily forgotten
as the smoke slowly escapes.

Another day turns into night,
the screams are more insistent now.
Pain and madness visit with discomfort
as the search begins again.