My Back Yard (Freeform)

pink_roses_flowers_and_fence-otherSwinging back and forth in my back yard
I feel the warmth of the Summer sun embracing me.

I hear birds chirping at the feeder as they squabble
for seeds and others playing in the birdbath.

I open my eyes just in time to see a brightly
colored butterfly fluttering into the neighbor’s yard.

Breathing deeply my senses pick out the aromatic fragrance of
roses mixed with rosemary and wild sage.

The wind gently blows over the fence and instigates a
beautiful medley from the bamboo and metal wind chimes.

I almost feel guilty, languishing here, far away from
the noise and people of my fast-paced existence.

Taking another sip of tea, I look around again,
soaking up the colors and smells before I go back.

My modern technology filled life gets me where I want to be,
my backyard gives me the peace of mind I need to keep me sane.

Desert Serenity

Walking on toward the sunset, my bare feet feel
the coolness of the stones as it soothes the aches and pains.

The light scampers across the desert as the sun starts to recede.
Vivid oranges and pinks blossom as the landscape before me
becomes dark silhouettes against it’s backdrop.

A calmness falls upon the desert, vivid colors fade into shades of gray
queuing the temperature to drop and the wind to swirl.

Breathing deeply, smells of sage, bottle brush and mesquite fill the air
and awaken the energy that has been dormant within.

As I open my eyes to the beauty before me, a smile creeps across my face
watching the night slowly making her appearance center stage.