Who Art Thou?

My hands and fingers move with an instinct,
intentional and deliberately feeling to create.
This image has been in my mind for such a long time.

A gentle heat starts to emanate from my fingertips,
causing distinct changes in the red clay.
As I glide effortlessly over the surface
a form starts to emerge from underneath.

I can see it materializing before me,
I can feel it in my hands,
the image starts to take shape.
my hands start to push, twist and knead the clay
making the material meld with my mind’s eye.

Time means absolutely nothing,
I work with an intensity that blocks out everything
except that which is in front of me.
The anticipation of what will be, challenges me to finish.

Finally, stepping back, I slowly smile.
This object before me is part of my dreams.
Aspirations and tribulations all melded into one.
My masterpiece is me.