LOVE (Acrostic)


Lessons in living with
Others that have a profound and
Valuable effect on your
Everyday life and you like it.

Living with another person that shares that
Oneness with you, know’s all your quirks,
Vies for your attention and
Enjoys your company every day.

Learning to laugh at yourself and take
One day at a time, savoring the
Very essence of those special moments that
Evolve the mundane into an everlasting love:)

My Life

indian-national-flower-lotusI’ve dreamed many things over the years;
What to do, where to go and who to see.

Nothing prepared me for the lows
life had to offer,
I just lived through them and learned.

Nothing prepared me for those mediocre days
that left me wondering, why am I here, why I’m with you
or what I’m supposed to do with this life.

Nothing prepared me for those wonderful
days that left me breathless and full of exhilaration.
Those days when I’d walk around with
eyes wide open, filled with fascination and awe.

Everything has come together bit by bit.
Those dreams have come alive, not by accident,
but by perseverance and determination.

My life is coming together
with the why, the what and the who
. . . . because of you.