The Beauty of Nature (Diamante)

Rampart Reservoir, Colorado

The Beauty of Nature (Diamante)

tranquil, calm
mesmerizing, soothing, moving
reservoir, mountain, rocky, beautiful
comforting, warming, embracing
warm, sandy


Learning the ropes


Many times I’ve looked at my photographs and always stop at this one. I remember the day very well, warm, sunny and no rain! For Juneau, we relish those days when there’s no liquid sunshine falling from the sky. We decided to take our Grandson to one of the local lakes and give him his first lesson in a kayak. Watching him listen so intently as his Grandpa explained, how to maneuver the craft, how to hold the paddles and water safety – made me smile. Thank God, there were no mishaps, neither one fell into the water and we ended up with some awesome memories. That interaction between Grandpa and Grandson was priceless and will be remembered for many years. The biggest bonus was building the little guys’ self esteem and hearing him talk about his adventure for the rest of the week! All in all, it was a very good day:)


Kayaking on Eklutna Lake, Alaska

Kayaking on Eklutna Lake, Alaska

Out and about with my guy, enjoying nature on the water underneath Bold Peak Mountain. (Photo by L. Granados)


It happens outdoors (Diamante)

derwent water islandsClouds
Vaporous, Ethereal
Enveloping, Concealing, Storming
Thunderous, Wispy, Tropical, Breezy
Roaring, Blustering, Freezing
Strong, Directional