Recovering Heart (Freeform)

Red heartBlack as night, empty as the sky.
My thoughts don’t move me tonight.

The water under the bridge has caused so much
damage, there is no time to work on it . . .
it just sits there helpless and broken.

The sun is coming up and it’s again a new day,
shining brightly, every so annoyingly.
The birds seem to swirl all around as everything
begins to turn upside-down.

My heart is full of so much pain, I wish
I could just disappear and forget.
Then I realize that it’s just another page
that has to be written, so I can be ready for
that which is around the corner.

Secret (Freeform)

secret garden

I know something and I’ll never tell.
Hiding in the closet, I hear rumblings,
In the closet, I hear footsteps,
In the closet, I hear voices,
The closet door opens
And they see nothing inside.

I know something and I’ll never tell.
Hiding in the garden, I hear digging,
In the garden, I hear scraping,
In the garden, I hear crying,
The garden hides secrets
And they find nothing inside.

I know something and I’ll never tell.
Hiding in the dark room, I hear noises,
In the dark room I hear my Mommy,
In the dark room I hear them call my name,
The dark room suddenly is light
And they find me, but I’m already gone.

I’ve got a secret and I’ll never tell.

My Back Yard (Freeform)

pink_roses_flowers_and_fence-otherSwinging back and forth in my back yard
I feel the warmth of the Summer sun embracing me.

I hear birds chirping at the feeder as they squabble
for seeds and others playing in the birdbath.

I open my eyes just in time to see a brightly
colored butterfly fluttering into the neighbor’s yard.

Breathing deeply my senses pick out the aromatic fragrance of
roses mixed with rosemary and wild sage.

The wind gently blows over the fence and instigates a
beautiful medley from the bamboo and metal wind chimes.

I almost feel guilty, languishing here, far away from
the noise and people of my fast-paced existence.

Taking another sip of tea, I look around again,
soaking up the colors and smells before I go back.

My modern technology filled life gets me where I want to be,
my backyard gives me the peace of mind I need to keep me sane.

Who Art Thou?

My hands and fingers move with an instinct,
intentional and deliberately feeling to create.
This image has been in my mind for such a long time.

A gentle heat starts to emanate from my fingertips,
causing distinct changes in the red clay.
As I glide effortlessly over the surface
a form starts to emerge from underneath.

I can see it materializing before me,
I can feel it in my hands,
the image starts to take shape.
my hands start to push, twist and knead the clay
making the material meld with my mind’s eye.

Time means absolutely nothing,
I work with an intensity that blocks out everything
except that which is in front of me.
The anticipation of what will be, challenges me to finish.

Finally, stepping back, I slowly smile.
This object before me is part of my dreams.
Aspirations and tribulations all melded into one.
My masterpiece is me.