What I miss . . .

I was sitting around in the backyard, just basking in the sun. A white butterfly fluttered out of the corner of my eye and stirred up a memory from my childhood. Reminiscing of a time when my sister and I were running in our huge back yard in Arkansas. Tall grass, clovers, flowers and huge yellow and black bumblebees were scrutinized, smelled and touched as we investigated the other side of a fence that housed an old abandoned shack. I remember us laying on the grass looking up at the clouds and seeing all kinds of things . . . dogs, cats, elephants and giggled at each others findings. Time had no bearing on our play, we would come up with new things to do and change them as soon as something else popped in our heads. Our yard was a haven of afternoon adventures that were only curtailed by Mom yelling it was dinnertime and to come inside.

Thinking back, I would love to relive the time when an hour seemed like forever. I miss  watching the clouds go by while laying in a bed of green grass. I miss looking for four-leaf clovers and searching until you found one. I miss spending time at the dinner table with my family talking about what we did that day. I miss being a kid and not having a care in the world. Granted I like being an adult, but that kid thing always puts a smile on my face:)