Breakfast (Acrostic)

cinnamon roll coffee

Basking in the aroma of fresh baked cinnamon
Rolls and coffee, I sighed deeply for it was
Early morning.  Scanning through
Another section of the newspaper, I can hear the
Kids slurping down the remains of their
Fruit-flavored cereal as I start to
Assemble their lunches. Once complete I rush to
Send everyone out the front door
Throwing kisses and backpacks to hurry-scurry kids.


Cemetery (Acrostic)


Chalk like headstones cast long

Even shadows across my feet as the sun

Moves toward dusk.

Eerie sounds seem to follow me as I walk

Toward the mausoleum.

Entering  into the crypt, a cold chill

Reminds me that I am not alone. These

Yearly trips pay homage to my death long ago.

LOVE (Acrostic)


Lessons in living with
Others that have a profound and
Valuable effect on your
Everyday life and you like it.

Living with another person that shares that
Oneness with you, know’s all your quirks,
Vies for your attention and
Enjoys your company every day.

Learning to laugh at yourself and take
One day at a time, savoring the
Very essence of those special moments that
Evolve the mundane into an everlasting love:)