How delegating makes you a better leader

Greg Mowbray


I must admit that at one time during my career I was a terrible delegator. One reason was that I thought that the job would not be done as well as I could do it. Arrogant, I know. Another is, I thought by the time I showed someone else how to do it or I explained what I wanted done, I could have done it myself. Sound familiar?

I now believe that delegating is a key to effective leadership and here’s why.

1. It gets stuff off your plate. Every leader I know is time poor. You are currently tied up doing things that others could do for you.  Delegate and use your time for things only you can do.

2. You get to share your wisdom. If you are in a key position you possess valuable information, so through the process of delegating you are passing on…

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Earth Month

Milners Blog

With NASA’s space fleet of Earth-observing satellites constantly circle our globe, they’ve put together a rather gorgeous video documenting what our planet looked like throughout 2012, this includes some stunning true colour satellite imagery, Earth science data visualizations, time lapses from the International Space Station, and computer models, plus loads more from their bevy of different tech and instruments NASA has at its disposal in our orbit.

The video is part Earth Month 2013, which coincides with Earth Day on April 22nd of this year, you can always mosey on over to NASA’s Earth Month website for lots more video’s and information, sadly the video isn’t narrated, this would have been such a gem for the late great Carl Sagan to voice over…but still, it has some quite hypnotic beats.

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Let them eat toast

A hilarious rendition of a real life cooking show – Amanda is worthy of being followed:)

hill + pen


I’m always annoyed when the host of a cooking show tastes her food at the end of the episode, rolling her eyes back in ecstasy.  Not only does she magically create beef rolls, arugula salad, and a pear tart in under twenty minutes, but then she brags on herself.  “Oh my gosh,” she says into the camera.  “This is so good.  Seriously.”  Her hair is all blown out and she wears a size two but she takes a glorious bite of something with a face full of Chanel make-up.  Honestly, it does look amazing, and if she says it’s the best pizza ever it must be.  But I am at home at 4 pm staring into my refrigerator, wearing sweatpants and my daughter’s vanilla cupcake lip smackers with not a stitch of real adult make-up on.  I glance back at the television and see this beautiful person still standing, doing…

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