Cacophony of Color (haiku)


Crimson sounds explode
Igniting the night with light
Blazing aerials.


Autumn Haiku

Maples, birch and pine
Explode with Autumn color
Announcing the change.

Icy dew shimmers
As the sun touches branches
Vanishing slowly.

Cold crystalline frost
Abstract artistry on glass
Frozen window panes.

Autumn revelry
Transforms as snowflakes appear
Welcoming Winter.

Spring Haiku

Fragrance in the air
Of flowers and fresh cut grass
Welcoming Springtime.

Golden daffodils
With their luminescent blooms
Stand tall in the sun.

The morning chorus
Vivacious colored songbirds
brighten the landscape.

Rambunctious children
Running, jumping and laughing
Playing age old games.