Joey and I out by Fish Creek, Douglas Island, Southeast Alaska

Joey and I out by Fish Creek, Douglas Island, Southeast Alaska

Years ago, I moved to the last frontier in an effort to escape the heat of the Arizona desert. Everyday life in Alaska is full of breathtaking landscape, in your face wildlife and a one of a kind lifestyle.  If you’ve never visited Alaska, you should definitely put it on your bucket list, just to experience the Fjords, glaciers and bears. Granted I still think of the desert with fond memories of my childhood and from time to time, I do miss wearing shorts outside in the winter:)

Getting ready to kayak with the G-Kids at Monument Lake, Colorado!

In 2014, we decided to leave Alaska and make the move to Colorado. My gypsy feet seems to want a change of scenery every five years or so. Colorado is very similar to Arizona as far as geology but believe it or not, it is definitely dryer and the altitude can play havoc with your body. That aside, there are plenty of things to do, lakes to fish and kayak, trails to hike and lots of places to explore:)

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  1. Ms. Lisa, greetings from Tennessee! I trust this not finds you doing very well. I admired your beautiful picture of the mountains and pines posted part way down your homepage. I wonder if I might use it on my site at Christian Heritage Fellowship during the month of January. Your picture would be an apt description of this month.

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Dr. Flick

    • I would be honored:) The panoramic picture above is of the Chilkat Mountains up here in Alaska. My husband is the photographer, we’re fine with you using it for your CHF site for January:)

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