Spray Paint (Limerick)

graffiti alley

(For a twist, try saying this with an Irish accent – LOL)

I chased an old man down the alley
With stolen paint from the galley
Red, orange and white
Oh gawd, what a sight
You could see it all the way to the valley.

I chased an old man down the alley
With stolen paint from O’Malley
Green, yellow and blue
And sprinkled with goo
What a mess he made of the Valley.

I chased the same man to the Valley.
It wasn’t hard, ‘cause he dallied.
He said, it’s just paint
And you aren’t a saint.
Cause you painted too, in the alley.

3 comments on “Spray Paint (Limerick)

  1. I love the limericks! Now get to see a hint of some of the dark areas where people live, I think I know why people feel the need to brighten such a space up with art. I must confess that it stills bothers me when graffiti is put in places that are already beautiful. My biggest pet peeve is a patch in the middle of the most gorgeous boulder you could think of in the middle of a wildlife preserve. Graffiti should not be mixed up with nature!

    I like the poem, though 🙂

    • Thank you! This was my second crack at this style, it was a lot of fun. I am an admirer of Graffiti and some street art. Artist such as ROA, Herakut and David Walker are my fav’s. I do agree, if people are out in nature, they should leave it as is or do art installations that won’t damage the terrain. Thanks again.

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