Where are your children?

Over the past twenty years, I have seen some disturbing things that really makes me wonder why people have kids. When my kids were little, I knew where they were, who their friends were, the games they played and some of the things I didn’t let them know that I was aware of. My neighbors kids and my own treated adults with respect, and yes there were those obnoxious hoodlums that cropped up every now and then, but overall kids were good.

With the onset of the last two decades, several things have pushed parenthood to another level: cost of living, healthcare, fast food, electronic equipment, and the callous attitude of reproduction. In America, our upcoming generation has lost it’s edge, if you listen to the news and other media you’re bombarded with inadequate education, low SAT scores, teenage promiscuity, out-of-control drug use, theft in all income levels, unsupervised young people and countless other themes that scream  . . . . we are not taking care of our own.

Working in retail for the past fifteen years, I’ve observed many families coming in to the store to do their shopping, interacting with each other and unfortunately seeing many examples of poor parental skills. What do you say to a mother who berates her two year old daughter and calls her a bitch while she’s standing there sobbing? How do you deal with teenage parents yelling at their infant to shut up and be quiet when it’s midnight? When is it time to call the local law enforcement when it’s nine o’clock in the morning and you have three ten year olds stealing food because they’re hungry?

So many people blame the school system, or the grandparents or the friends of others, anyone but themselves. When are some of these parents going to wake up and realize that it’s their responsibility to take care of the children in their household. Parents are still responsible for putting a roof over their babies heads, feed them, educate them and most importantly love them. Not all teenage and twenty-something parents are the problem, this issue stems across all age groups, all income levels. There isn’t just one issue and there certainly isn’t a quick fix, but it does start with parents wanting to genuinely take care of their offspring. So I ask, do you know where your children are? If you don’t, you should.


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